• 13th August 2018
  • Venue Intercontinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort.

Event Overview


Mauritius Blockchain Conference

The East African island nation of Mauritius is seeking to brand itself as a regional haven for blockchain innovation. The island nation has well-established financial services, information and communications technology industries, so attracting investors and entrepreneurs in blockchain and financial technology could be seen a logical next step.

According to the World Bank's annual "Doing Business" survey, Mauritius has the best business climate of any country in the region and ranks 49th out of 190 countries worldwide. The World Bank's rankings weigh factors such as ease of starting a business, enforcing contracts, obtaining credit, protecting investors and paying taxes. Such stability and its geographic location has made Mauritius a popular venue for financial services companies looking to make the jump into new markets on the African continent.
With that in mind, we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be hosting Blockchain forum Mauritius on 13th August 2018. This conference brings together industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise technology leaders and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy. Meet and hear from the biggest names in the industry and powerful newcomers. They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that are driving this discussion forward and changing the traditional notions of currency. Hear about the leading blockchain projects today, and the latest breakthroughs from the group bringing blockchain mainstream.

Speakers & Panelists


H.E Mr Paramsivum Pillay Vyapoory, G.O.S.K

Acting President Republic of Mauritius

Samson Williams

Partner at Axes And Eggs Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Consultancy

Sangyoon Lee

Founder & CEO at Locus Chain

Avinash Hallooman

Executive Director at Locus Chain

Hen Tekle

Founding partner at Alphachain Capital

Joshua Paul Hawley

Co-founder of Mauritius Ethereum Foundation

Robby Schwertner

Blockchain influencer

Paul McNeal

(Co-Founder/President) CryptoMarket360, LLC

Wannipha Jen Buakaew

Public speaker

Sean Brizendine

Blockchain expert

Debra McCann

CEO at ICO marketing Solutions

Patrix Liu

CEO and Founder FXPay

Adrian Niculescu

Regional Director UK & Romania at Faster Capital.

Steven Dryall

Founding Director at Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd.

Dean Jessop

Founding Director at Nikola Tesla Unite Ltd.

Yi Qing

CEO at Silk Chain

Ravindran Nambiar

Chief Executive Officer Wardwizard Solutions Technology Dutch BV Breda, Netherlands

Ilyas vali

CO-founder Rloop

Mrinal Sharma

CTO at Bitdepositary

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Mauritius Blockchain Conference

13th August 2018

Mauritius, East Africa